You need to know that having a campaign video increases your funding chances by over 50%! Lack of visual elements is often to blame want crowdfunding campaigns fail, so don’t make that mistake and make a video that will showcase your goal. If you have no way of making a video, use one or more videos from your competitions, practices or whatever you have, jest let people see you in action!A video is the best way to introduce yourself to the community of potential funders, it helps you showcase your personality, your passion for sport, your skills and of course your goal, so the people have better idea of whom are they contributing to. People don’t just donate money to get a reward in return; they want to invest in the people and their stories. That’s why you need to tell your story and what you want to do in a clear, engaging manner that allows people to get to know you, feel the excitement and want to become part of it.
You don’t have to be an expert to make a good video. If you can get help from someone that has experience in making videos, that’s great, but if you don’t, don’t worry about it, you can do it yourself with a handy cam, your tablet or phone. It’s not about the equipment you use; it’s about how you use it. To edit the video, use one of the free apps or programs you can get online, they are very simple to use and will get the job done. Keep in mind, the production quality is not the key; the content is, so we will give you the key guidelines to help you make the best video you can:

Keep it short

Two minutes is all you need to get the message out in a way that will be clear, simple and keep the attention of the funders.

Make a script

Keep it simple, it doesn’t have to be award winning, but you need to know what you will say, where and how will you say it. Get a friend to help and when it’s done; give it to a couple of people to read so you can get the feedback. In one minute of video you can say approximately 150 words with pauses, so let that be you reference when writing the script.

What to say?

 A lot of crowdfunding videos lack clarity, so the most important thing is that you be very clear on explaining what you need and why, and do it in the first 30-60 seconds. Try to get people’s attention in the first couple of seconds of the video. So instead of telling them your name and what sport you do, tell them your goal first (ex. Some people dream of going to the top, u dream of running there, and all I need to make that happen are 0, 7 seconds. That is how much I must improve my time to get to next year’s running championship in…), afterwards you can continue and tell them who you are and the other things they need to know. No matter what order you decide on, here is a small list of all the info your video should contain:
  • Tell viewers who you are.
  • Tell viewers the story behind your project.
  • Come out and ask for people’s support, explaining why you need it and what you’ll do with their money.
  • Make an appeal with a clear Call to Action, invite people to your Social media accounts and tell them to comment or contact you if they have any questions.
  • Talk about how awesome your rewards are, using best images you can.
  • Explain what happens if you don’t reach your goal, how that will affect your career, your future, people around you…
  • In the end, be sure to thank everyone and repeat once again what you need funds for

How to say it?

Be yourself! That is the only way people will connect to you and to your goal, because they want to fund a person behind the campaign, see and feel you passion and get excited with and for you, so keep that in mind. Don’t dress up for the occasion, wear what you would normally wear that day and choose filming Locations that you are comfortable at (your home, place you train, a park…).

Keep it professional

No matter how much personality you put into your video (and we encourage that) be careful not to make it to personal. Keep some level of professionalism, because sport is what you do, it’s your career and you are presenting yourself primarily in that light.

English or…?

You can make your video in English or in your language, it’s completely up to you, but keep in mind that it needs to reach a lot of people out there, so English subtitles are a good idea if you want your video to be seen and understood by more people.


Be careful not to violate any copywrite laws while making your video. That includes logos, images, videos and music. So if you want to use images or a part of a video you didn’t make, ask for a written permission from the creator. For music, there are a lot of royalty free sites you can download from and as far as logos go, even a logo on your t-shirt can be subjected to copyright laws, so keep all that in mind when filming and editing your video.

Grand finale

The end of the video should be as impactful as the beginning. Tell the people about the rewards that you give out and show them or high quality images of them (if you have a lot of rewards, mention just a couple of the most interesting), make them as appealing as possible. And in the end, tell them about the goal of your campaign again and invite them to click the Fund button and donate. The whole point of your video is goes a long way, and even if they don’t donate, hopefully they’ll at least share your project or video with others!

Share your video!

Don’t think it all ends with making a video and posting it with your project. The work just starts there! If you really want to get funded, you need to share, share and share! Use the video to promote your campaign via all the social media channels you can. Upload it on You Tube, post it on Facebook, share a link on Twitter, post a teaser on Instagram, and send e-mails with the link to your friends and potential funders. Find an online community that will be interested in your campaign (forums and websites about the sports you do, organizations and government institutions…Do as much as you can to get as many people to see, share and support your video and you will have a successful Sport.Fund campaign!

So, to sum it up..

These are all the ingredients you need to make a good video to tell your story. It also means that doing the opposite won’t give you such great results. For example, don’t try to act funny if you’re not funny. Be yourself. Do your best. Have fun and be authentic. These are the best ways to find crowdfunding success!