Here you can find the answers to questions our user frequently ask. If you have an issue that is not described here, please contact us!

What is Sport.Fund?

Sport. Fund is a global crowdfunding platform for athletes, sports organizations, societies, institutions, and all individuals and purposes in sports domain.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

Who can use Sport.Fund?

Teams and individual athletes, as well as clubs, schools or other institutions or individuals associated with sport can use Sport.Fund to acquire funds for equipment, training, preparations, travel, rehabilitation and recovery from injuries, education or specialization in domain of sport or building or adapting sports facilities. Also, individuals or businesses that are creating any kind of technical or other sports items or aids, like sports clothes, gadgets, apps, prosthetic, or special equipment of any kind.

Creator is?

Creator is an individual, a team or an organization that creates a project on Sport.Fund platform in order to raise funds for a sports cause.

Funder is?

Funder is a person that contributes any amount of money via Sport.Fund platform to a project posted on Sport.Fund.

What is a project?

A project is a way that the creator/athlete showcases his/hers career goal that needs funding. Read about all that makes a successful project in our HANDBOOK.

What is a funding goal?

A funding goal is an amount of money asked by a project creator to help him/her achieve a sports endeavor.

Can I raise money via Sport.Fund?

Yes, if you are:
An individual athlete
A team member or a team
A sports organization
A representative or an owner of a sports facility
A school or any other education facility
Individuals or businesses that are creating any kind of technical or other sports items or aids, like sports clothes, gadgets, apps, prosthetic, or special equipment of any kind.

How does it work?

During the project duration on Sport.Fund, all the donations are stored on a secure Pay Pal account. When the project is over, and if the goal is reached, the funds will be directed to your Pay Pal account within 15 work days (Pay Pal fees and Sport.Fund fees will be subtracted first). In case the project doesn’t reach it’s goal, all the funders will get their money back and no fees will be applied.

Should I be over 18 to start a project?

Each person should be over 18 in order to start a project or should obtain legal guardian permit. Please see Sport.Fund’s Terms of Use. If you are under 18, an adult (a parent, guardian or a trainer) must link their Pay Pal account to your Sport.Fund profile in order to provide valid payment info you can receive the funds to.

Can i raise money from any country?

Since Sport.Fund operates via Pay Pal payment gateway, you can raise funds from the countries where Pay Pal operates. Click HERE for full list.

Do I have to have an account on Sport.Fund to create a project on Sport.Fund?

Yes. For the purposes of trust and safety, you must have a verified account on Sport.Fund, with linked PayPal account for payment purposes.

Do I need Pay Pal account to create a project on Sport.Fund?

Yes. It is very simple, you can create your Pay Pal account in a minute by clicking HERE.

What is Pay Pal?

PayPal is a service that enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments without revealing your financial details. Read more about PayPal .

How do I set up payment method on Sport.Fund?

It’s super simple. You just type in your e-mail address associated with the Pay Pal account you want to receive your funds to, and that’s it!

Do I get the amount I raised if my project did not reach the funding goal?

No. Sport.Fund operates on all-or-nothing terms and if your campaign did not reach 100% or more, the money will be refunded to the funder’s accounts.

Are my payment and other private information safe?

Yes. Sport.Fund takes all the information you provide us very seriously, and we are committed to keeping that information safe. Al the details are in our Privacy Policy.

What if I get money for my cause offline?

If in any case you get money for your cause offline, we strongly recommend you add it to your Sport.Fund project.
Just put it on your Pay Pal account and donate it to yourself. Why? The answer is simple: That amount can be the key to getting your project funded 100%. Remember, Sport.Fund is all-or-nothing based, so if you don’t reach your funding goal, all the funders get their money back. So, even in case you add the money you got in cash to your Sport.Fund project and you don’t reach the goal, you will get it back, so you can’t loose!

What are Sport.Fund fees and pricing?

It is free to start a project on Sport.Fund, but our administrative fees are 10% and Pay Pal transaction fees are 3,4% and 30 cents per transaction. These amounts are deducted from the funds raised at the end of the project and automatically distributed by the Pay Pal payment gateway. No fees are applied if your project doesn’t reach it’s funding goal.
Find more details on the Fees page.

Why should I ad Rewards, can I choose not to?

Rewards are optional but it is a fact that if you offer your funders something in return, they will more likely be willing to contribute to your cause. And also, when you fulfill the rewards you offered, you establish a deeper connection to your funders. Read more on REWARDS.

Why do I need a project video?

As explained in our VIDEO GUIDE, you have 50% more chance of getting your goal funded if you have a video that represents you. So it is definitely our recommendation that you create a project video, see our VIDEO GUIDE for tips.

Do I need to wait for my project to get approved before it goes live?

Yes. In order to give our users the best experience possible and make sure that you didn’t miss anything when you created your project, we are reviewing every project on Sport.Fund before it goes live. In case of any problems, we will contact you and inform you of the mandatory or recommended changes you should make.
Once your project is reviewed and approved, you will be notified by e-mail and notification on your Sport.Fund profile, and a button Go Live will appear, so you can launch your project.
In case you make any new changes before you press Go Live button, they will also have to be reviewed before you Go Live with your project.

Can I edit my project once it is live?

Yes. If you want to change end date, funding goal, add pictures or videos, you can do that during the project duration, but those changes will have to be approved by our admins, and that can take up to 24 hours.

Can I give tax returns to my funders?

Such an option is not possible due to local regulations. In case such option is available due to other local regulations pleas contact Sport.Fund on the following email address:

Do I pay taxes on the funds I raise on Sport.Fund?

Tax issues are subject to local regulations of each country. Sport.Fund invites you to check with local authorities of you country whether tax exist obligations or not. Sport.Fund is not in any way responsible for tax paying obligations of project creators.

Can I raise funds on Sport.Fund more than once?

Yes. Sport. Fund is a platform that is designed for multiple uses and you can run up to 4 projects a year.

How to delete my project?

You can delete your project while it is still live. Just go to your Profile/Campaigns/Edit Campaign/Delete Campaign.
Once you do this, you will have 24 hours to change your mind and undo the process. After 24 hours we will remove your project from Sport.Fund and all the funds you raised will be returned to the funders.
You cannot delete the project that have ended, successful or not, because they need to stay on our site for transparency purposes.

How to delete my Profile on Sport.Fund?

If you do not have a live project linked to your Profile, you can go to your Profile/ Profile Settings/ Delete my Profile, and it will be deleted in 24 hours.

Why should I contribute and support someone I don’t know?

Being a fan of sports is a satisfying experience, because you support your favorite athlete or team, you are happy for them when they are successful, you are sad and angry if they lose and when you see them in action you rooting for them with all your heart.
The same feelings apply when you contribute to a project on Sport.Fund, except that here, you are helping a career to grow, and you are personally contributing in creation of something great, of a dream come true.
Being a part of somebody’s career and life path and being actively involved in its progress is what makes funding a project a very special experience. You get to be involved, to make a difference and to follow a progress that is one of a kind, and in return, you get a sense of fulfillment and nice Rewards that our users have ready for their generous funders!

How do I know the project and people behind it are real?

We verify our creator’s identities and every project is pre-approved by our admins before it goes live. What you can do is check if project creators have their social media accounts linked to their Sport.Fund profile, look through the biography and pictures and see the comments and what other users are saying. If you notice any irregularities, let us know immediately by sending us e-mail at

Who guarantees that the money raised will for a project will be spent accordingly?

It is entirely a responsibility of project creators to make sure the funds are properly spent.
Sport.Fund provides platform services that link athletes, teams and other sports organizations and individuals with their potential funders. We perform security checks and verify every project before it goes live, but if you notice any irregularities, please notify us immediately at:

How do I fund a project?

 Simple! You find a project you like, click on the FUND button, select a reward and amount you want to pledge and follow the steps to completing the payment via Pay Pal.

Do I need to have an account on Sport.Fund to fund a project?

 No, you can fund without a SPort.Fund profile, but those donations will remain anonymous.

Do I need to have PayPal account to fund a project?

 Yes. Pay Pal account creation is very simple and fast, get all the info and create Pay Pal account HERE!

How to set up PayPal account?

 It is easy, fast and free. Click HERE to create your Pay Pay account.

Can I fund anonymously?

 Yes. You can do that by not creating/logging of Sport.Fund profile.

Can I fund offline – with cash or a check?

 If you want to contribute or sponsor a project on Sport.Fund offline, pleas contact us at

Do I get tax receipt for my contribution?

Sport.Fund can not give you a tax receipt. For more information Sport.Fund invites you to to check with local authorities of you country.

I want to sponsor an athlete/team, how do I do that?

If you are an organization or an individual interested in becoming a sponsor to one or more athletes our Sport.Fund platform, please contact us at

When do I get my Reward?

Sport.Fund does not create, manufacture or send the Rewards. Project creators offer their Funders, so it is entirely project creator’s responsibility to stick to the schedule and acquire and send Rewards according to the deadline he or she indicated in the project .
In case of any irregularities regarding fulfillment of the Rewards, please let us know immediately at

What if a project project I contributed to is not fully funded by its deadline?

If the project you funded did not reach its funding goal, all the funds will be distributed back to the funders in 15 days time.

What if a user deletes the project I contributed to?

In case a user deletes the project before its end date, all funds will be returned to the funders in 15 days time??