Simple math: Sport.Fund fee 10% + Pay Pal fee 3,4% + 30 cents per transaction!


*Sport.Fund is currently in BETA phase, so we are not taking 10% of successfully funded campaigns.

Sport.Fund charges 10% of all successfully funded campaigns, so you need to add those 10% to the figure you are raising . We use those funds to constantly improve and grow our platform and Sport.Fund community because we are working on achieving our goal – global availability to all the future sports heroes in need.



All the transactions on Sport.Fund are conducted through Pay Pal payment processor – that is safe, fast and easy to use. Pay Pal charges 3,4% + 0,30 cents for every transaction, so you need to calculate those numbers into your final funding goal.

For all detailed information on Pay Pal, visit their website HERE.

For details regarding Pay Pal transaction fees for domestic payments, click HERE.

For details regarding Pay Pal cross-border transaction fees for Serbia, click HERE.

And for Pay Pal Fee calculator, click HERE.


** Keep in mind that depending on your country and bank, the bank will also have fees that you need to consider.

*** Sport.Fund does not control or affect in any way Pay Pal fees and/or Bank fees

**** Depending on your country’s legal system, you may be required to pay taxes on the funds you receive via Sport.Fund. It is your obligation to be informed on the law in your country regarding tax paying.