Sport.Fund is a sports crowdfunding platform. We are here to discover new sport talents all over the world and to help them get the support they need to succeed, so they can become new sport heroes!


Sport is one thing that unites genders, nations, races and religions. It moves boundaries, it inspires, it brings together and motivates. But every talent needs nurturing, support and hard work, and money is often the only thing standing in between anonymity and greatness.

Supporters are the key of every sport, so when combined, people and funds directed to one goal are a powerful force that can make dreams and careers come true!

Our Users

  • Athletes: from all sports and of ages, all expertise levels and countries are welcome.
  • Teams: all team sports
  • Sports organizations: clubs, schools, camps, competitions…
  • Sports facilities: gyms, courts, sports halls, stadiums…

Our Mission

  • A platform that gives young and aspiring (as well as experienced and known) athletes a chance to create something more, to perfect themselves and achieve bigger, better things.
  • To create opportunities and be a part of the sports world in an engaged and relevant way.
  • With the help of backers, to create a community that loves, understands and supports sports and all it’s challenging aspects.

Our Goal

To provide a working and permanent link between people in sports in need of funding and supporters that are willing and able to contribute to help them achieve professional greatness.